QFSL 2.0

Quality & Food Safety Leaders 2.0 (QFSL 2.0™) — A next-level leadership program in development from FOBE Solutions & All Food Consulting

Photo © Marc Cwikowski

Photo © Marc Cwikowski

FOBE Solutions & All Food Consulting are co-creating a leadership development program in the areas of Quality & Food Safety.

The purpose of this high-level learning and development program will be to get Quality and Food Safety professionals ready for the next level of leadership and challenges, and create opportunities for themselves and the business.

In a very dynamic world where globalisation, digitalisation, automation and growth in local and international trade are creating new challenges and opportunities for governments, corporations and even individuals, it is of the upmost importance to ensure Quality and Food Safety leaders are equipped to understand, anticipate and respond to these challenges adequately and in a timely manner.

This leadership program (QFSL 2.0) will take participants through learnings and interactions in three major areas: strategic thinking, leadership development and Quality & Food Safety excellence.

The face-to-face program will be delivered by industry recognised Quality & Food Safety leaders providing knowledge and insights, using a blended approach of collaborative learning, case studies, best practices, self-learning techniques and coaching.

This leadership program is exclusively designed for dynamic Quality and Food Safety Leaders who want to differentiate themselves and make a difference to their business and society.

The program is produced by D.V. Darshane and Marc Cwikowski, with a planned launch in Q3-Q4 2019.

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Program Directors

Marc Cwikowski is the founder and Managing Director of All Food Consulting, a company dedicated to effective solutions for food industry quality and food safety challenges and growth opportunities. Marc has worked for more than 30 years in the food and beverage industry and held various senior global leadership and executive positions in companies including Unilever, SGS, The Coca-Cola Company and Danone. Former positions include director of quality & food safety strategy, director of supply chain capability development, food safety centre director and vice-president for quality and food safety. He brings international experience in innovation, quality assurance and food safety. Marc has successfully designed and implemented quality and food safety strategies, developed advanced initiatives for people development and implemented strong quality and food safety programs to secure companies’ business and reputation around the world.

D.V. Darshane (D.V.) aims to support organisations in the food and beverage industry and to improve their food safety, ameliorate their quality, and optimise their supply chain as well as bring innovative products to the marketplace. D.V. Darshane has extensive experience in both strategic and operational areas for 34 years in the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries. D.V. has held positions as a board member in various non-profit organisations such as GFSI, SPRI, SIWW and ISBT. D.V. has also gained experience and exposure to international markets as he has worked in Asia, Europe and the USA. Dr. Darshane has extensive experience in designing Policy and Standards and has lead development of strategy and execution plans for implementation of various global food safety standards in a large US-based multinational organisation.

Marc Cwikowski