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Who we are

We help food and beverage companies grow and secure their brand and reputation with stronger quality and food safety strategies.

We use our expertise to assess your current approach and roadmap, so that new value-creating opportunities are identified and implemented with results. 

We have over thirty years of experience working with companies including Unilever, SGS, The Coca-Cola Company and Danone, using proven methodologies to: develop and implement robust end-to-end strategies, raise the bar on performance and develop leaders within the supply chain.


Grow & Secure

Quality and Food Safety is everything when it comes to growing a  business and securing the brands and the reputation of an organisation.

The business environment in which the food sector operates is changing fast and food & beverage companies need to continuously evolve their quality and food safety programs to keep pace and to remain competitive. In today's VUCA world of ever-increasing consumer awareness, quality and food safety programs need to be implemented and maintained in a very robust and agile way.  Failing to do so can bring lasting damage to companies.

A strong and well-implemented quality and food strategy is the best business plan — one that helps grow the business, secure the brands, protect the reputation and achieve sustained success.