Who we are

All Food Consulting helps you grow and secure your brand and reputation.


All Food Consulting is dedicated to identifying effective solutions for food industry quality and food safety challenges and growth opportunities. We work with food and beverage companies in:

  • Determining and implementing end-to-end quality and food safety strategies to accomplish their growth objectives and secure their brand and reputation

  • Providing expertise to ensure robust quality and food safety standards are established, understood and maintained across the organisation

  • Designing and deploying programs for people development towards excellence in quality and food safety


About Marc Cwikowski

Marc Cwikowski profile

Marc Cwikowski is Founder and Managing Director of All Food Consulting. He has worked for more than 30 years in the food and beverage industry and held various senior global leadership and executive positions in companies including Unilever, SGS, The Coca-Cola Company and Danone. Former positions include director of quality & food safety strategy, director of supply chain capability development, food safety center director and vice-president for quality & food safety.

Marc holds a Masters in chemistry and bio-industries from Agro-Bio Tech University, Gembloux, served as an expert in various organisations and was the Chairman of the GFSI Global Markets technical working group. Marc also acted as a board member of both FSSC 22000 and SSAFE.

Marc brings international experience in innovation, quality assurance and food safety. He has successfully designed and implemented quality and food safety strategies, developed advanced initiatives for people development and implemented strong quality and food safety programs to secure companies’ business and reputation around the world.


Grow & Secure


Quality and Food Safety is everything when it comes to growing a  business and securing the brands and the reputation of an organisation.

The business environment in which the food sector operates is changing fast and food & beverage companies need to continuously evolve their quality and food safety programs to keep pace and to remain competitive. In today's VUCA world of ever-increasing consumer awareness, quality and food safety programs need to be implemented and maintained in a very robust and agile way.  Failing to do so can bring lasting damage to companies.

A strong and well-implemented quality and food strategy is the best business plan — one that helps grow the business, secure the brands, protect the reputation and achieve sustained success.


Our Approach


Our understanding of business imperatives and our global mindset enables us to propose effective solutions for food industry challenges and growth opportunities while tailoring our services to the customer's needs.

We focus on the client: we listen to you, we bring our experience and knowledge to you, we develop solutions tailored to your needs, we work collaboratively with you and we equip you with systems for consistent and sustainable results.